Share Feature Project

Advertising Specialty Institute Internship Project

Project Overview

In my internship at Advertising Specialty Institute, I collaborated with the development intern to work through discovery and design phases in a summer project to implement a “Share Product” feature and create an end-user friendly version of the product display page for distributors. Through evaluating both market research and distributor feedback we were able to gain insight on distributor needs to work through a design sprint to create a full user flow and develop a responsive share process on desktop and mobile browsers.

My Role

UX designer designing feature from conception to delivery

Project Duration

July 2022 - August 2022

Share Feature Main Image

The Problem

The existing share feature is out of date and a new one needs to be created that will be consistent with the new interface and features of the updated website.

The Goal

Design a feature that will help distributors easily and effectively share products with their clients from the product display page.

Desktop Main User Flow

Share Feature Project Desktop Main Images

Mobile Main User Flow

Share Feature Project Mobile Screens Image



In the discovery phase we conducted market research to evaluate how both direct and indirect competitors are utilizing sharing features. This helped emphasize our need to involve a way for users to save products and create an easier way of sharing them with others. While analyzing the most popular sharing methods we decided that among them, sharing via link or via email would be most beneficial to our users.

We observed design validation interviews as well, where distributors discussed what they would like to see when trying to share a product and what they believed would simplify the process for them. We found that distributors would like a streamlined process of sharing a product with their clients which helped inspire our thought process in creating an efficient user flow.

High Fidelity Prototype

Desktop Site

After conducting research and working through the design sprint, a full user flow through the product display page was determined and made into a high fidelity prototype.

Attached below is a link to the high fidelity prototype of the desktop website.

View Desktop Prototype
Share Feature Project Desktop Mockups

High Fidelity Prototype

Mobile Site

Following the creation of the desktop site prototype, a responsive mobile site was built to accommodate for smaller screens.

Attached below is a link to the high fidelity prototype of the mobile site.

View Mobile Prototype
Share Feature Project Mobile Mockups