GoodEats Application

UX Design Case Study

Project Overview

GoodEats is a mobile app that allows users to find their favorite hispanic cuisines by ordering through either pickup or delivery. GoodEats aims to provide a wide variety of options, helping people order and receive meals through a quick and efficient process. GoodEats target audience includes those with busy schedules that are unable to prepare all of their meals or go out to eat.

My Role

UX designer designing an app from conception to delivery

Project Duration

August 2021 - September 2021


Google UX Design Professional Certificate

GoodEats Main Image
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The Problem

Current online ordering services provide few selections of hispanic restaurants. It is difficult for busy workers and students to enjoy all the meals they prefer, as they lack the time to prepare all of their meals.

The Goal

Design an app to expand access to hispanic restaurants and streamline the existing online ordering process.

Main Screens

GoodEats Main Screens Mobile



While conducting interviews, the primary user groups identified are working adults and young adults in college who don’t have time to prepare and cook their meals.

Research has confirmed the initially assumed target audience of GoodEats, as well as expanded reasoning why many people order online. Many users that are looking to enjoy hispanic cuisine not only are busy with work and school, but also look for convenience in their ordering experiences. With many obligations and busy schedules, users that order online look for quick service to help save time in their busy schedules.

Pain Points

GoodEats Pain Points A


GoodEats Persona A
GoodEats Persona B

User Journey

GoodEats Journey Map

Design Iteration

Paper Wireframes

Paper Wireframes 3C

Digital Wireframes

Good Eats Digital Wireframes

Drafting paper wireframes allowed more ideas to be expressed to find the optimal layout and functions for the initial screens. Frequent iteration and visualization created a better understanding of how to address user pain points.

In the early stages it was important to address the user needs found through research and to build upon feedback. With intentions to keep the app easy to use, presentation of essential information and elements were the focus so that all users can quickly find what they are looking for.

Low Fidelity Prototype

After completing the pages of the digital wireframes, I created a low-fidelity prototype.
The user flow followed the process of browsing through restaurants and menus, then placing an order
so that it can be used in a usability study.

Attached below is the link to the low-fidelity prototype of GoodEats.

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GoodEats Low-Fi Prototype

High Fidelity Prototype

The final high-fidelity prototype presented a complete user flow, allowing full experience of navigation through the app.

Attached below is the link to the high-fidelity prototype for the GoodEats application.

GoodEats Mockup 5
GoodEats Mockup 3
GoodEats Mockup 4
GoodEats Mockup 2