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My Background

Hello everyone I am Jake Green, thanks for viewing my site! I am a graduate from Rutgers University - New Brunswick, where I studied information technology and informatics and was able to find my passion for UX design.

After graduation I continued to learn as I took a UX design certification courseĀ from Google by Coursera and completed an internship with Advertising Specialty Institute as a UX design intern. Through my experience I have created over 100 responsive desktop, mobile, and tablet screens and have learned how to design, refine, and iterate in the process. Through the internship I was able to conduct research and work through design sprints as well.

Thanks to my schooling, certification course, and internship, I have been able to design and create prototypes for both applications and responsive desktop and mobile websites. I look forward to now taking the next step forward in my career where I can continue to learn and develop my skills as a UX Designer.

Please feel free to view my work on my projects pages and reach out through LinkedIn, email, or the contact form above!